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  • 2021-01-27 Meeting notes (Draft)

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5 minutesCall To Order
50 minutesEditor's Draft #2All

John Wunderlich Reviewed scope and "extended mDL ecosystem. Consensus on the framing

Loffie Jordaan Comments and notes on 'ecosystem' that need updating

John Wunderlich suggested use of ISO definitions for:

  • "Privacy Preferences" specific choices made by a personally identifiable information (PII) principal about how their PII should be processed for a particular purpose 
  • "Identity" set of attributes related to a person (SOURCE: ISO/IEC 24760‑1, 3.1.2; ISO/IEC TS 29003, 3.9)

Current scope of 18013-5 doesn't include web presentation of mDL, but likely to be in "Day 2" scenarios. The extended scope very likely to include on-line use cases, but core 18013-5 doesn't yet. Probably need a section on mDL over Internet

5 minutesWrap up & Adjournment
  • Summarize Discussion
  • Identify Action Items, if any
  • Adjourn

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