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Just in while I type is the UK's government's response to their call for evidence on digital identity from a year ago (if you read last month's Director's Corner one could be forgiven for thinking their ears were burning..(wink)) ...where Kantara submitted these comments.  'Better late than never', it is great to finally see movement on this judging by industry's reaction here where  to the indication of new or altered legislation and where additionally, the point was made that Security does not feature in the 6 principles to frame digital identity delivery and policy in the UK - those being Privacy, Transparency, Inclusivity, Interoperability, Proportionality and Good Governance - principles which no-one could argue with. But no Security principle?   

Meanwhile in the US, there's industry talk of Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) proposing a bill with a working title 'to establish a governmentwide approach to improving digital identity, and for other purposes'.  I'll keep you posted if I hear more.

The IAWG has a continual slew of similar calls for input on its slate. It works on these around its main role as the steward of the Identity Assurance program and its associated Trust Framework, which has constant maintenance and improvement cycles throughout the year. The current consultation is on the European Union's eIDAS regulation, Implementing Acts and the success or otherwise of the strategy, led by Individual contributor Mark King. Thank you Mark! Globally acknowledged as we are, there is a never ending stream of requests for our input. We need more volunteers to lead work and sponsors to support the effort. If the current global conditions find you with some spare time, please contribute it to Kantara, where, now more than ever, there are more more requests to engage and more work as a result landing on our plate.