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(Note this work and effort has moved to the ANCR WG - Wiki


  • Summer Project Report 
    • There is on-going governance model work on GA4GH Privacy Agreements 
    • Decentralised Semantics is working on the OPN Notice Schema at ToiP for Consent Receipts
      • there is a patient id effort there 
    • AdvCIS is workshopping the V1.2 - update and Kantara contribution 
    • Hyper-ledger is 


Three Decentralised  Governance Sectors 


In line with all the activity in this space this summer, the Notice & Consent Project is supporting a multi-commuity input summer project, led the by the Jan's  Lifecycle of Consent , Distributed LedgerRFC for  Distributed Ledger Consent (DLC), presented to the CISWG - which is RFC work as work being undertaken at Hyperledger.   The contribution, is the resulting DLC extension for the Notice and Notification Consent State Record specification, which we are working on in the Notice and Consent Group. 


Touchstone use case - with support from UBC - Dr. Lemieux, who has provide some of @Anadi's time, from the Molecular You project, that is working on block-chain technology for GA4GH and medical research initiatives in tele-health.  Along with Jim, who has already worked o this project and its consent en-codification, Jan, who has specified the lifecycle requirements for DLC, with Hyperledger, Scott with the Informational Risks, which are required for the Privacy Agreement notices and the Common Accord Contract so that a DLC is suitable for genetic medical research consent in GA4GH. 

All the conditions - for the perfect summer project