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Thank you for joining the call today. 


Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.



  •  Feedback on PrivMas
  • ISO to DPV - Consent Receipt - An Extension - and Interim Output 
    • DPVCG - gets the input from Kantara - 
      • Mark Lizar going to update the ISO → GDPR - > DPV
  • James Hazard Discussing a system of harmonisation of records and links - 
    • map a simple graph approach into these taxonomies - 
    • express these linked records in a data sharing framework. 
  •  Summer Project - DPV to GA4GH, a mapping project -
    • GA4GH
      • Taxonomy for privacy concerns
        • provides limitations -e.g.
          • Re-contact
          • re-use
      • DPV - Can help - with Vocabulary
        •  data protection vocabulary 
  • Colin -brings up - keep it clear about IPR
    • Harsh - brings up IPR
      • contribution
      • reference
      • a member - post it to another org
    • Mark to looking into using DPV in W3C with ISO 
  • James - bring ups Central Bank efforts - GLIEF  and Actus - assert all flows of money can be modelled on 31 paradigms -  
    • how does this fit in with other standards . 
    • DPV is definitely a key part
    • Legal Entity  - is a critical part
    • universal taxonomy -   


  • DPV → DUO
    • it is a simple as presenting the specified categories for Medical research (from GA4GH) so that they can be mapped with the DPV, and then presented back to that W3C list for comment. 

    • But, this does bring up a lot of questions we should conside, and we should definitely confirm what the objective is before we start. 

    • Are we  looking to be able to specify the same explicit consent research with DUO, but with the DPV? 

      • DUO purposes do not translate into purposes - 
        • DUO - combines purpose and processing 
          • We would have to include both to be able to make a consent receipt for DUO 
      • Restriction - are added as labels 
      • DUO- Schema -
        • can put restriction of sharing - data can only be shared - when doing collaboration with a specific research - 
        • how to restrict  - 

      • Can we use the privacy agreement to specify the consent for genomic research ?  -

      • would be usable in the GA4GH ecosystem ? 

    • Starting point
      • lets test map a unified approach 
      • to legal documents 
    • Should it be a DLC reference implementation, with a  review of the Privacy Agreement for Common Accord, and perhaps a round of feedback from key stakeholders?   


Action items