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Thank you for joining the call today. 


Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.


Topics (revisit)

  • updates 
    • DPV
  • Comments on NIST
    • Diff in last doc - 
      • restructure to areas of interest 
      • privacy and security are redraft to each section 
  • PrivMas Report -
    • Interop take aways
  • DLC
    • Friday mtg with ToiP start up conversation about DLC .. 
  • DPV -
    • 29184 
      • prior agreement once published that this will be adopted by DPV
      • Working with DPV to update the GDPR extension for input into ISO
    • Mark Lizar update the GDPR Extension - 
  • Contributed 0  the draft the v2 - of the DPV for Consent to 


Action items

  • Tabled: Until -  - Harshvardhan J. Pandit Mark Lizar research and arrange mtg follow up
  • Summer Project -  DUO _ To DPV
    • Mark Lizar and James Hazard
      • Anadi has been tasked with mapping Unified to  DUO
      • This is also a part of the summer project
      • Discussed breaking some  DUO  labels down for DPV as a starting point - 
      • DUO is centralised federated data access framework with data access administered by federated identity Silo 
        • in contrast DPV is a personal data control vocabulary framework  - for which the labels can then be apart of decentralised data access framework . 
      • (great to see this project naturally progressing)