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Thank you for joining the call today. 


Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.


Topics (revisit)

  • New Items to discuss? 
    • Blinding ID work update
      • Blinding Identity 
        • Identity
        • identifier
  • Specification Fields (maybe on Github - if we have access) 
    • quasi identifiers 
    • attributes 
    • data types 
    • Blinding Identity 
      • Identity
      • identifier
    • Notice Schema: (outline for ease of work) 
      • Purpose Category
        • Purpose of Use
          • Personal Data Categories 
            • Data Types ( conformance at industry code of conduct - specified in by ecosystem - e.g. pharma - medical research ) Also covered in IRM - Identity Relationship Management
              • Identifiers
                • Blinding Identity - General Masking Overlay - 
              • attributes 
                • Event of the interaction. 
      • Refer to COEL - Data Types 
      • DUO -Data Types -
  • Notification Types - ISO 29184 provide a number of inputs for the work here.


  • Discussion of Attribute terminology - and its scope of applicability to this specification - and that this is not directly in scope,  e.g. Blinding Identity, but that Blinding identity attributes be defined and references in a security consideration in this specification for attrbutes/datatypes -
    • and,  this spec should accommodate and interoperate with the scopes of attribute based governance and contract agreement frameworks for interoperability - and discoverability 
  • 29184 (the sister spec to the CR V1.1) Inputs accepted for drafting of the notice components of the Notice &. Consent (if required) Specification. 
    • For the Notice Lifecylcle framework Component of the Notice & Consent (if required) specification. 

Action items

  • interesting debate notes above  - Harshvardhan J. Pandit Mark Lizar can research and report at a following meting - Or maybe discuss on Sunday on PrivMas Eve?  
  • Summer Project -  DUO _ To DPV
    • Mark Lizar and James Hazard
      • Anadi has been tasked with mapping Unified to  DUO
      • This is also a part of the summer project
      • Discussed breaking some  DUO  labels down for DPV as a starting point - 
      • DUO is centralised federated data access framework with data access administered by federated identity Silo 
        • in contrast DPV is a personal data control vocabulary framework  - for which the labels can then be apart of decentralised data access framework . 
      • (great to see this project naturally progressing)