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  • UMA telecon 2020-04-02

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George points out that the "OpenID A/B" (OpenID Connect) meeting overlaps the latter half of this meeting if we meet last/next week vs. this week/2 - weeks - from - now weeksetc. No one attending today has a problem. Eve will investigate with others and voting participants who are not currently present and reschedule if no problem. (UPDATE: Sufficient positive responses established, so Eve will switch weeks in the calendar. We will start meeting Apr 16, Apr 30, etc. instead of continuing with Apr 9, Apr 23, etc.)

Online notarization

Tim raises the topic of the current worldwide situation and the fact that online notarization has suddenly become more important. Is this similar to remote proofing? These technologies have certainly existed for quite some time, and have been integrated to IAM stacks. But it got more notice in Okta's keynote this week, which mentioned use cases like employee onboarding. IT budgets seem overall negatively impacted in the current environment, though this is not evenly spread out. UMA and delegation use cases generally depend on identity solutions being in place, so that makes them relatively "sophisticated". On the other hand, telehealth and health data sharing are under more pressure now.

IDENTOS extensions

Alec provided a sequence diagram and we worked through it. To download, see the attachments to this page.