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IAWG Comments to DIACC on Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) documents

About Date Submitted to DIACC IAWG Comments Notes 
1) PCTF Organization componentMarch 17th, 2020DIACC-Comment-Submission-Spreadsheet-Verified-Organization-ENG KD.xlsx
2) Pan-Canadian Trust Framework Verified Person, Privacy, and GlossaryApril 16th, 2020

DIACC_Comment-Submission-Spreadsheet_PCTF-Verified-Person_ENG v1.0.xlsx

DIACC_Comment-Submission-Spreadsheet_PCTF-Privacy_ENG v1.0.xlsx

DIACC_Comment-Submission-Spreadsheet_PCTF-Glossary_ENG v1.0.xlsx

DIACC_Comment-Submission-Spreadsheet_PCTF-Glossary_ENG PCTF Term Relationships v1.0.pptx

To support the Comment Submission Spreadsheet for the Glossary, Kantara attached a PowerPoint file containing a diagram showing the relationships between the major components contained in the Glossary. This diagram is referenced in Kantara's comments concerning the Glossary.