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  • the scope doubled to incorporate personal data privacy vs the single focus on digital identity that Kantara originally started with,
  • the Kantara brand covers 4 entities (Kantara Inc, Kantara Educational Foundation, Kantara Europe and & IDESG's assets absorbed into Kantara) vs the single entity at the end of 2015,
  • 6 contracted staff vs the original 3 (see below regarding the 6th staff contract that was signed a couple of weeks ago),
  • the privacy enhancing consent receipt specification firmly entrenched in the ISO standardization process – the first ever for Kantara and very rare for any industry group,
  • the personal agency enhancing UMA specification a fulcrum for OAuth 3.0/XYZ in IETF.
  • the 2020 sustaining strategy firmly anchored in conformity assessment and assurance,
  • Kantara Europe firmly entrenched in the European Commission’s H2020 R&D funding program,
  • …and all the while, maintaining our ‘community commons’ ethics and ethos of low/no barriers to participation.