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Notice and InstructionsDocumentOpen DateClose DateWorking Group Disposition of Comments 

KIAF-1430 SP 800-63A Service Assessment Criteria v3.1.10

KIAF-1440 SP 800-63B Service Assessment Criteria v3.0.7

KIAF-1450 SP 800-63C Service Assessment Criteria v0.17.0

2020-08-07, 3:00PM ET

2020-1009-0921, 3:00PM ETWG - Identity Assurance NH
PCIPR20200609KIAF 1450 - 63C_FAL22020-06-09 5:00PM ET

2020-07-24 5:00PM ETWG - Identity Assurance NH
PCIPR20191210 SAML V2.0 Deployment Profile for Federation Interoperability v1.0   12/10/2019 5:00PM EST

01/25/2020 5:00PM ESTFederation Interoperability - FIWG