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August 15th Draft Minutes Approval 

Motion: To approve 2019-08-15 Meeting Minutes

Moved: Martin. Seconded: Richard. Unanimous approval. 


  • Keeping up with Kantara August 2019 and Director's Corner 
  • KI Website design refresh 
  • New FIRE WG New KI Ambassador based in WDC, US, Chris Healy
  • Colin and Chris will attend the FedID 2019 Conference at Tampa on September 23-26, 2019 
  • LC Update: New WG FIRE has a charter and has officially started to meet.  HIAWG has been reviewing its charter and they plan to send the Revised HIAWG Charter for LC approval shortly. 

Approve KIAF-1050 Glossary and Overview v0.7.0 for publication as KIAF-1050 v1.0 

the changes that were pointed out during the IAWG call on August 22nd are:


  • Ken commented that the editors have been working on updates to address the comments received on the Public Comment and IPR review that closed on July 5th. 
  • Martin pointed out two minor editorial changes: line 105 should be “principal” and line 260 should be “principals".


  • Richard indicated that the format of the first page was not following the standard and he


  • will correct it.


  • Ruth offered to add the hyperlinks missing from line 396 onwards.


  • Martin asked if the definition of end user (lines 247-250) include technical objects or not. Richard responded that it does include them. From that discussion, I understand you are not adding a note or making the text more explicit, right?