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For this DG, functional topics related to identity assurance processes would typically be IN scope, while external processes or software details that support the assurance processes are probably out of scope (those are likely to be pre-conditions)

The Actor-Goal List

The Actor-Goal List captures the list of Actors that interact with the system, and their goals with respect to that system. The system operates a 'contract' between stakeholders; the use cases describe the functional behaviour of that contract. Stakeholders that are not present in the interaction have vested interests that should be satisfied (these might be understood as 'system guarantees'). Actors are a subset of Stakeholders.

Stakeholder or ActorIs Actor?Goal or Interest
ID Proofing ManagerData Controller DPOYGoal 1 (the actor's goal)

Interest 1 (the system guarantee)
The IndividualYGoal 2 (the actor's goal)
RegulatorNInterest 2 (the system guarantee)

We expect that analysis of the contributed use cases will result in a core list of stakeholders that are common to the identity assurance receipt management processes plus additional stakeholders that relate to process-specific or regulation-specific activities.