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2019-02-07 Minutes were approved by Motion. Moved: Mark Hapner. SecondSeconded: Scott Shorter. Minutes approval. Unanimous approval. 


Report provided by Colin Wallis

  • Experian has been approved as Kantara Component Service, conformant with NIST 800-63-3 at IAL2. 
  • Some Kantara Assurance Program members are in the Top 100 Influencers in Identity,  Blake Hall and Kathleen Peters


  • NGI_Trust grant funding call is open, with scope on identity and privacy topics just perfect for Kantara's European
    based community. Up to €400,000 grant funding (incl. matching funds).

LC Report provided by Ken Dagg 

  • In the process of archiving DG and IAWGs that have been inactive for a while or that have finished the work, such as Identity of Things DG, IRM WG, Blockchain and Smart Contracts DG, and UMA Dev WG.
    • IDPV Use Cases DG is wrapping up and the recommendation report will be released soon.