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  • 2018: December

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Reflecting on 2018, from Kantara's perspective, it has been a very good year overall. Kantara has significantly consolidated its finances over its 2017 situation and its net membership has grown despite some churn.

COLIN: THE FIRST PART OF THIS MAKES IT SEEM LIKE THERE ARE 3 PROJECTS WHILE THE END MAKES IT APPEAR LIKE THERE ARE 2. The KIPI R&D program has seen two projects progress through to Phase 2 (Execution), with advance to final stages - Lockstep's MDAV certificate capsules project re-branded as ValidIDy, already in final Phase 3 (Transition to commercialisation) branded as ValIDidy while Phase 3 determination on and Exponent's MOB4PACS project that uses using smartphones as PIV cards with NFC and BLE has been caught in the federal government shutdownawaiting final clearance to begin its final phase. Both of these are stunningly concepted projects capable of significant commercial exploitation for the right investment partner and I will be happy to introduce interested parties.


As I look at the 12 months ahead, with the less-than-full knowledge I possess now, I see growth everywhere in every aspect of Kantara's activity - R&D and Assurance programs, Working Groups, consortia consolidation, asset acquisition, membership and sponsorship. As next year is likely to be my last full year as your Executive Director, I want it to be a landmark year for Kantara - not just because of its 10 years and it being my last year - but because I want to see all your enthusiasm, suggestions, introductions, and volunteer contributions come to fruition and receive the accolades they richly deserve.

Next week I will be in Washington DC supporting our KIPI Program partners at the DHS S&T Cybersecurity and Innovation Showcase. I've planned to meet with as many of you as I know will be available. If you are in DC next week please just Contact us to reserve a meeting time.     And while on the topic of next week please, please.. remember the Identiverse deadline is closing fast, so make sure to submit your presentation idea before the January 11 deadline.   

It is with great pleasure that we welcome new individual member Ivan Niccolai from Australia, joining fellow Australians, the Digital Transformation Agency, Lockstep Technologies, Meeco, Unify and others.