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Callahan, JohnYes
Dagg, Ken

Harkema, JJ


Hapner, Mark


Hughes, Andrew (Chair)


Pasquale, Jim

Shorter, Scott


Skyberg, DavidYes

WILSHER, Richard


Non-Voting Participants

  •  Stuart Young
  • Joe Andrieu






5 min
  • Call to order
  • GPA reminder
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates




Discuss the discussion group 

    1. Goals, approach, desired outcomes (Charter material)
    2. Terminology page
    3. Use case template page

Discussion on terminology:

  • Comment that "Identity" is a circular reference - 'related to' implies that the 'entity' is already known - there is inconsistency

Discussion on approach to collect material:

  • We will run out time if we duplicate effort by having everyone go get essentially identical material from their sources - how to avoid this?
  • Suggestion that we quickly post use case titles and maybe abstract to the wiki as a first step, then coordinate if we see obvious duplication
  • Andrew is working with Government of Canada to list use cases from their repository - they are actively contributing, just need to sort out details.
  • John: 
    • Would like to look at Aadhaar use case - combination of biometric and demographic and central database comparison (reach out to Vishal Gupta from IIW/RWOT participation ; also look at Andrew's ITU-T report on strong authentication use cases)
    • "The RENIEC system is used in Peru /Brazil/Mexico - RENIAC (Sp.)for bank KYC IDV (see attached paper).  In Mexico, the INE (a voting database with biometrics) has been expanded for use by bank KYC/AML purposes.  In some of the IDV draft uses cases, I will refer to these (as exemplars) because they are biometric-driven (fingerprints)."
  • Andrew:
    • Andrew to look into Alipay/ IFAA eKYC
  • Joe:
    • Will look at the DID and Verifiable Credentials Use cases to see which ones would be suitable for contribution
    • Look at Joram use case too
    • Will consider how the ISO definition maps to other definitions of ID Assurance, and if appropriate will contribute commentary for the report.
  • Mark: 
    • what about PayPal? After the call Andrew started to track down connections to Jeff Hodges - will report back.

Schedule updates

  • Status
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  • Next period plan

Team Calendars

Contributions updates

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Use Case Contributions

  • Catherine continuing to refine UC01 and UC02
  • Andrew has discussed Financial Institution use cases with a few FIs
  • Andrew has discussed available use cases with Government of Canada (includes Federal, Provincial, Territorial governments)
  • Looking for use cases from lightly- or indirectly-regulated sectors
    • Looking for "sharing economy" use cases
    • Looking for "blockchain" use cases
    • Looking for "retail" use cases

Writing teams updates

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