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Two down, one to go!

I'm in my garden office in Dorset on this lovely warm day, thankful for the last of summer's sun and the peaceful rhythm of life going on around me, as I begin September's round-up.   

I kicked off September's conference round in Seattle, where Kantara leads participated in a two-day industry event added onto the International Identity Summit (IIS). This invitation-only event is held to allow governments to discuss digital identity challenges and opportunities behind closed doors. With several agencies from governments around the world as members of Kantara, and most of them attending both the IIS and the industry days, it was a great opportunity to catch up. The first day saw us split into groups to brainstorm various challenges around counter-fraud and anomaly detection. On the second day we were treated to updates from both government and industry. Kantara members Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada, SecureKey Technologies, 1Kosmos, and KIPI grant fund recipient Lockstep Technologies Australia took to the podium and presented their latest and greatest. It was a pleasure to support them, and to catch up with sponsors for Industry Day 1 and our KIPI grant funders, DHS Science & Technology Directorate, as well as sponsors for Industry Day 2, Liaison partner DIACC and the University of Washington.      

Next up for us was the Consumer Identity World 2018 Tour series kick off in Seattle two weeks later. This event featured Kantarians Eve Maler, David Turner and Andrew Hughes on Friday September 21st with Kantara's showcase update and demonstrating the interoperability use case for the Kantara Consent Receipt shown in Helsinki in August. This showcase will be shown again in Amsterdam at the end of this month. 

I keynoted, in the last week of September, at Ubisecure's opening ceremony for its London office speaking on the state of the industry in the UK.  With that in mind, watch out for some straight talking from me on this topic in the UK computer press, and an associated blog, in the next few days.  

Lastly, we rounded off the month with news of Kantara's growing presence, credibility and reputation in Europe. In concert with our key European Liaison EEMA, Kantara is part of a new initiative, Go.eID.AS. Intrigued? See the press release here

October gets pretty busy as many of us converge on Mountain View for IIW which is followed by Kantara's F2F plenary on Friday October 26th. Please join us as we forward plan 2019!

And November is even busier, but that's a story for another day.. (wink).

For members reading this round-up, stand by for a couple of All Member Ballots coming your way in the next couple of weeks. Your comments and support in timely voting of these ballots maintains the flow of work and process in Kantara.  

September saw several new members and renewals:  Thank you globally acknlowledged subject matter experts Christopher Olsen and Ian Glazer for their individual membership renewals and thank you (Andi) Hindle Consulting for stepping up from individual to SME membership, also renewals from ITIM, Uninett, Zygma, Athena Health, and 2Keys. All together we grow the community and play our parts to make the digital experience better, safer and privacy respecting.   squeezing in this Director’s Corner during a weekend back in the UK after two conference weeks on the road and a third about to start. Together with the Working Group Chairs, I’m so looking forward to the US time falling back one hour to bring to an end the seasonal time slew with Europe so we can return to predictable call times.   

October was pretty full-on for Kantara.

The month began with the ISO SC27 meetings in Gjovik Norway where Leadership Council Chair Andrew Hughes represented us as our liaison officer.  Andrew is rapporteur for a study period on identity assurance best practice and, given the concentration of expertise on this topic in Kantara, we expect to soon socialize the call for contributions for use cases. If Kantara members in good standing want to contribute to Identity Management and Privacy standardization in SC27 WG5 please join Kantara's Board sub-committee.

That same week I had two long-standing meeting commitments in London whose outcomes I hope to share in due course.

Along with a large group of Kantarians, I participated in the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View. Great sessions on

  • UMA from OAuth’s George Fletcher and HIE of One’s Adrian Gropper, 
  • Consent Receipt from ITIM’s Andrew Hughes and 
  • related Consent Receipt activities and ideas from ID Machines’ Sal D’Agostino and Tom Jones, with support from Mary Hodder,’s Jim Pasquale, Jim Fournier and Steve Hutchinson.

Interest in doing work in Kantara came from a range of organizations, leveraging work groups and the Assurance Program. Stand by for news of those at the end of the year. We finished off the week with the North American members plenary where members and guests discussed some of the ideas socialized to Kantara at IIW in more detail.

Next up was Consumer Identity World in Amsterdam where it was the turn of our European based members and non-member participants to rally around the Rhythm of Kantara session last Wednesday. I presented an overview which was followed by Ubisecure’s Keith Uber demonstrating the Consent Receipt’s interoperability functions, and a panel featuring Wedacon’s Thorsten Neibhur, WS02’s Sagara Gunathunga, Keith Uber, Meeco’s Katryna Dow and Nixu’s Ville Niemi supported by David Reede and others in the audience. These folks are developing, implementing or promoting Kantara's specifications and industry best practice.  

Next week, it’s Brussels and the ISSE conference in concert with our key European Liaison EEMA. We will host the Kantara hour starting with an overview of Kantara, followed by Oscar Santolalla from Ubisecure demonstrating the Kantara Consent Receipt in action, and Mark Lizar from Open Consent Group presenting "Operationalising privacy, with security & surveillance". I’ll report on this in our Keeping up with the Kantarians newsletter mid-month. 

The All Member Ballot for the minor changes to the 800-63-3 Service Assessment Criteria documents passed unanimously. Thank you all those who took time out to review and vote. We have another ballot for the revised Operating Procedures in the hopper. Stand by folks.  

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Airside Mobile (known for its Mobile Passport for US travelers) to the membership of Kantara. Peter Davis has wasted no time in getting engaged in consent receipt work in the CISWG and continues his participation in UMA. Thank you Peter, and thank you Airside Mobile! Thanks also to ID Machines (Sal D’Agostino) and Netherlands based Qroot consulting (Gershon Janssen) for their renewals.

Kind Regards,


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  • You can always keep up with the latest news from the Work Group and Discussion Groups directly on the Leadership Council's Blog. See the list of public groups here.