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Our first event conference, hosted by our friends MyData2018, was held just last week in Helsinki. The Kantara community was well represented as members Consentua,, Open Consent Group, Trunomi and Ubisecure demonstrated an interoperability use case for the Kantara Consent Receipt.  These, along with other members such as Datafund, iWelcome, UNLOQ, and non-participants such as MyLifeDigital have all deployed Kantara’s Consent Receipt in a variety of ways inside their solution offerings.  Kantara,  And in a conference containing more theory than practice, showed the personal data community with the interop demo, Adrian Gropper’s demo of of HIE of One with UMA and  and my own presentation on the many ways in which Kantara delivers on the 6 MyData principles , Kantara showed the personal data community, if any further proof was needed, ‘others that, ‘while others talk, we do’.

The International Identity Summit (IIS) event hosted this year in Seattle (the reason why I am here) by the University of Washington with the Industry host and Kantara liaison DIACC, is very different. It is essentially an invitation-only government event where jurisdictions share knowledge behind closed doors that are later opened to allow industry to engage. Typically Kantara might not attend because it has not been granted podium time. But with Kantara holding the largest contingent of government members of any identity industry consortia and the fact that KIPI program performer Lockstep Technologies is announcing its transition to commercialization along with members Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada, 1Kosmos and SecureKey Technologies all presenting, we are honor-bound to support them as you might expect Kantara could do for you.  


Looking back into August, Kantara had both a busy and successful month.

In the US, Kantara's Assurance Review Board, the executive sub committee of the main Board governing the Trust Framework Operations and Assurance program 3rd party-approved programme, recommended to Kantara’s Board that,  be granted a Trust Mark as the first ever Credential Service Provider conforming that conformed to NIST SP 800-63-3 Identity Assurance at IAL2 & AAL2 with several additional providers now in the queue for approval and grant of Trust Mark through Kantara’s Trust Framework Operations Programme. It got . The extensive press coverage but you can (read the combined press release here that started that wave of interest, ) that the grant of Trust Mark received, has started a wave as several additional providers (some of which you can see here) joining the queue for approval and grant of Trust Mark through Kantara’s Trust Framework Operations Programme With the The transition of IDESG's assets into the newly established 501c3 entity , (the Kantara Initiative Educational Foundation Inc, taking much of our resources ) was completed in July , and August. This was a period of consolidation as the with the IDEF WG began  beginning to take shape with further work drafting done on its charter. Kantara  Kantara has control of IDESG's website and wiki and of course the IDEF Registry in its new V2 guise as well as the IDEF Trust Mark re-styled for Kantara's stable of schemes.    

In Europe, Kantara Initiative Europe, the Estonian based trade association operating Kantara's assets under licence, was successful in winning a bid for grant funding for ICT24 Next Generation Internet from the European Commission under the H2020 program. 

Our summer webinar series featuring 2 Australian members - the Australian Government's Digital Transformation Agency and Lockstep Technologies entiies on MDAV, drew a good number of attendees with great questions. Thank you to those that attended and if you registered you would have received the links to the presentations and recordings. Regarding We ran out of time during DTA's webinar hosted by Kantara's eGov WG we ran out of time to  to answer several of the more detailed questions, so the . The eGov Working Group, as the host of the seminar, has resolved to approach DTA to do a follow-up 'deep dive' on some specific aspects of the Trust Framework and technical architecture. Join the eGov WG and stay tuned for more details.

On the process and procedures side of the house, your Leadership Council leads progressed the much delayed revision to the Operating Procedures over July and August. It is very close to being able to share with you, so stand by for it. My thanks to Ken Dagg, Sal D'Agostino and Andrew Hughes.