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  • Sequence Diagrams for Consent Receipt Interop demo

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  • Diagram shows that Data Controller A integrates with Consent Platform 1 for consent management functions
  • Diagram shows that Data Controller B integrates with Consent Platform 2 for consent management functions
    • Controllers are not required to use Platforms (we should show both variants)
  • The 'Business Function' that Data Subject and Controller A perform is decided and designed by the demo participant (Controller A in this case) - so this could be any interaction that will result in generation of a Consent Receipt
  • Scenario 1 shows the case where Platform 1 handles all CR activities including display to Data Subject
  • Scenario 2 shows the case where the Data Subject uses the 'dashboard' / 'viewer' / 'reader' of their own choosing to interact with previously-generated CRs
  • The demo might show different CR transport mechanisms - anything from 'give it to the Data Subject to store somewhere', to 'Platform-to-Platform CR transmission'
  • The critical piece that probably requires developer effort is 'Export Consent Receipt' and 'Import Consent Receipt' - those steps externalize CRs and might need some work to transform internal representations into conformant CR representations

Sequence diagram was discussed: DRAFT 2018-07-05 Meeting notes (CR). General consensus that, at a high level, this is a reasonable, simple, demonstration. Much detail lies beneath each interaction line.