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As we head into this first week of May and the Bank Holiday impending (or immediately passed in some countries) we gather energy for the many activities and conferences on our calendars this month.   

If you have opted in to receive news from Kantara, you will have received 'Keep up with Kantara' in your mailbox around the middle of last month.  'Keep up with Kantara' is designed to give you more frequent updates because a) we have so much happening that batching monthly here or quarterly in the newsletter results in a long message, and b) by the time you read it, much of the news is in the past. I hope you found value in it. Contact us with your comments.    

In April, we welcomed new members Dominode and Exponent Inc from the US (the latter being an outstanding performer in our KIPI program), and welcomed back renewing member, a well known member in our Trust Framework program. Thank you! 

The first half of the month was incredibly busy for me as Kantara Europe was in 3 different consortia bidding for 2 EU H2020 grant funding applications, all closing on the same day on April 17.  Much of the strength of Kantara is drawn from its breadth, and no better example exists where this is born out. One consortia bidding on a blockchain project wanted Kantara because of its Trust Framework operations and knowledge of how to elicit assessment criteria from standards requirements and proceed to create a program of assessing, reviewing, approving and granting of trust mark.  While you may view blockchain identity and attribute exchange as a new thing, this fledgling industry draws on established processes.  Another bid wanted Kantara because of its reach into Applied Research and Development arising out of the KIPI Program - in essence locating ground breaking ideas for further grant funding; while the third consortia was re-bidding a proposal submitted last year, with additional consortia members, one of them being OIX UK. It is a good example of industry collaboration where complementary value propositions can be leveraged for the common good.    

Kantara members and contributors were also well represented at IIW 26 in the first week of April, leading sessions. As you browse through the session notes you will see frequent references to sessions on UMA and Consent Receipts led by Kantara WG leads and contributors. This one in particular - - led by LC Chair Andrew Hughes drew such interest that a hack day was created at MIT labs on April 26th to take the work further. It is a typical example of the blank canvas development that Kantara has such a reputation for.  While mentioning the LC Chair we are very grateful to him for representing Kantara at the ISO SC27 WG5 meetings in Wuhan China where Kantara's contributions to several standards in development were tabled. Kantara is fortunate to have a formal liaison with ISO SC27 WG5 and is the main reason some members join. The Liaisons work group is necessarily for members only, given the IPR conditions applicable to these draft works, but offers a rare opportunity for organizations and individuals to influence the outcome of standards that have the potential to game-change our industry. Contact us if you would like to join this group to work on standards in advance of the next ISO SC27 meeting in Norway in October.

We are preparing for a range of conferences in May - who knew!

First up is We know summer is well and truly on its way when May brings us the two long weekend Bank Holidays. It's just so unfortunate that it comes at a time when there is such intense activity in the Identity and personal data space!    

Like many other organizations, we wanted to position Kantara optimally in terms of GDPR compliance, and took the opportunity to review our Privacy Statement and clarify our lawful bases for processing personal information across our website pages. Internally we have reviewed where your personal data resides in our largely cloud based systems and took steps to minimize movement by processing it where it rests. Whether you are a member or non member participant there's no specific action you need to take, but we would be grateful if you could familiarize yourself with the revised Privacy Policy (now renamed Privacy Statement) and if you have any queries or comments please Contact us.    

New Members joining this month are UNLOQ Systems Ltd from the UK, Carlos Dominguez from Canada, Reede Taylor from the Netherlands and Sunil Kapila from India, while CA Technologies Inc and Judith Bush from the US renewed. Welcome UNLOQ, Carlos, Reede and Sunil, and welcome home CA and Judith!

Kantara was participating in a range of European conferences in May. First up was the Kuppinger Cole hosted European Identity & Cloud Conference in Munich with a combined Kantara AGM and members plenary on Monday May 14th (please register if you are planning to attend) prior to . The AGM and member plenary was attended by around 15 members primarily from Europe but we had representaton from north America and Asia-Pac too.  Kantara's own pre-conference workshop the following morning Tuesday 15th that curtain-raises the formal opening of the conference.Next is KantaraTuesday15th was exceptionally well attended. You can review the presentations of this and all other Kantara events in the Events Archive. Each year the conference organizers give us a bigger room and each time we fill it. We may have had the largest crowd of any pre-conference workshop this year and we certainly achieved a "quorate" gathering of UMAnitarians, which Eve posted on the UMA FB page! :). Eve also presented later in the week on Leveraging UMA's Power for Compliance and User Control, which reflected the current state of the group's work on its business model. See her presentation here

We started the following week in London for Kantara's first own-brand Summit for Marketing, Media and Privacy now May 22nd in London with a keynote by Johnny Ryan from Irish programmatic advertising company Pagefair and well-known in IAPP circles, together with many ad tech industry luminaries. Group tickets available from £139 each. If you are a Kantara member, a 30% discount using code K3022 on registration.on Tuesday May 22nd. We have had lots of fluctuations in fortune with this event leading up to it. This was partly due to other events crowding in the week which, back in January when we confirmed it, was clear of any other similar events, and also partly due to our fantastic speakers being called upon to do last minute corporate or client work around GDPR, leaving us with the unenviable job of replacing them with equally good speakers. As it turned out #MMaP2018 was well attended, the speakers were fantastic, and the was a real buzz in the room as the awkward and uncomfotable questions were asked and discussed by distinguised Keynote speakers and expert panellists. Our liaison partner OpenConsent Group staged a workshop the two days following #MMaP2018 and the reports from those workshops as well as the presentations from the main event are in the Events Archive.  

Later that same week, I will be in Helsinki keynoting keynoted the afternoon session at IAMwithUBI and with the UK royal nuptials the week before still in the recent memory of many, I will marry , the first Nordic located Identity conference organized by our Finland based and staunch Kantara supporting member Ubisecure. My keynote was a mash up of a well-known wedding rhyme (HT to the UK royal wedding the previous weekend) to the current state of digital identity.  Wish me luck on that idea!  It's going to be a great month!  

We now set our sights on the last clutch of conferences - EEMA's 31st Annual Conference in London June 13-14 (see Kantara on Track 13, June 14th),  MyData and PIMS meeting In Lyon, June 19-20, Identiverse in Boston June 24-27 (see Kantara on Sunday 4.05pm Room 306) and then we can rest up just a little bit. I for one will be looking forward to that prospect, and you may be too - whether it is skiiing in the southern hemisphere or lying on the beach in the north - make the most of it. 

Kind Regards,


Around the Houses:


  • Consent Management Systems best practice WG has seated its editor, and its meetings are currently taken up with demos from various solution providers to inform the collection of best practice going forward. Thank you sponsors iWelcome and  

  • You can always keep up with the latest news from the Work Group and Discussion Groups directly off the Leadership Council's Blog.

  • See the list of public groups here
  • Consent Receipt v1.1 and the SAML V2.0 Interoperability Deployment Profile V1.0 is being prepared for publication. 
  • The IRM work group is considering the use of Graphing technology to provide fine grain permissions to address governance, risk Management and compliance requirements, while also catering for the increase in scale arising from the explosion of IoT. 
  • As always our Specifications, Recommendations and Reports are available for download from our Reports and Recommendations web repository.   

  • Not sure where to find things? Staff are only too willing to assist.  Contact them via email.


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