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Status of Minutes

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  1. Call to order
    1. Roll Call & Determination of quorum status
    2. Agenda bashing
    3. Kantara Organization updates 
  2. WG Motions
    1. Motion to approve << links to meeting notes needing approval >>
  3. Presentation/Demo 
    1. Mircea Patachi - UNLOQ
    2. Ken Klingenstein - Consent-Informed Attribute Release
  4. Discussion of initial Table of Contents - Corné
  5. Upcoming conferences and events
  6. All Other Business (AOB)
  7. Adjourn


Meeting was quorate

Voting participants

Participant roster (CMS) - Quorum is 4 of 6 as of 2018-04-02






5 min
  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates

5 minWG Motions
Quorum required 

Meeting was not quorate at the time of motion-making - deferred

Motion to approve DRAFT 2018-04-04 Meeting notes

Moved by:



5 min



Mircea Patachi - UNLOQ - working on consent / data privacy platform

Ken Klingenstein - Internet2 - open source consent management platform - developers from Duke University

  • Marlena Erdos - Lead Architect

Chris Olsen - Walt Disney - IAM Pro

15 min

Presentation/Demo - UNLOQ

Mircea Patachi

Clym - product

  • building a fit-for-purpose cookie consent tool
  • Target market - SME - a quick way to become minimally compliant for cookie management/consent
    • Feature: Consent transferability between partners
    • NOTE: this might be a good candidate to add to the myData interop demo
20 minPresentation/Demo - Consent-Informed Attribute ReleaseKen Klingenstein
  • Consent as a Service
  • Wants group to discuss 'special categories of data' - how to deal with this - e.g. obfuscation on UI
  • "Manage the cognitive load" - lots of UI research on this to make this manageable
    • Use of colors, language, etc
  • Demo uses the Duke IdP
  • Q: Is there a way to discover the "purpose for processing" on the policy management screen? A: working on adding Purposes now. IDP will need to record the basis for release, but not necessary to present to user all the time. A: The user does see a description - it's not named 'purpose'.
  • Trustmarks will be added into the UI - there are operational trustmarks now
  • Q: Does CAR adjust the attributes in the SAML assertion on the fly? A: yes - "Information Items" (scopes and claims) are adjusted (based on IDP and RP requirements) and shown to the user as appropriate
  • Note: much of this can be shown as Notification instead of Consent if consent is not the justification
  • Q: How are the API offerings? A: APIs are open for the Policy aspects - rich set available.
  • Q: Have you seen data retention and consent policies yet? A: Not yet - would be good to see new use cases.
5 minUpcoming conferences and eventsAndrew

Events that Kantara will have an active role:

5 minAOBChair
  • myData conference Helsinki - the proposal to the Interoperability track has been accepted - contact Jim at to get in on the demo


Next WG meeting Wednesday, May 16, 2018 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time / 15:00 BST