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Just coming up in this first full week in February, Kantara will be participating in the TIIME workshop hosted by Kantara's own eGov WG Chair Rainer Hoerbe. We get together with our Higher Ed colleagues and interested others, as we work through identity related topics at the bleeding edge as well as refinements at the operational edge of the community. Wednesday 21st February heralds the first work-focussed meeting of the Consent Management systems Systems best practice WG, so if you have signed the Group Participation Agreement (GPA) or intend to, please do so as soon as possible so as to not miss out on anything. Later in the month, EEMA - Kantara's most active European liaison - is hosting me in Brussels at its members Fireside, a topic close to us all - the future of identity and trust.


Program, Work Group and Discussion Group Updates:

  • Wednesday 21st February: first work-focussed meeting of the Consent Management Systems best practice WG.

  • You can always keep up with the latest news from the Work Group and Discussion Groups directly off the Leadership Council's Blog.

  • Join them here
  • Kantara's Consent Receipt v1.1 has completed its public review and the working group are discussion your submitted comments.  
  • @UMAWG has released the UMA 2.0 specifications into formal publication. Kantara's UMA protocol is ranked 2nd in Kuppinger Cole's top 10 trends for 2018. And 1st on Kuppinger Cole's list? None other than Kantara's Consent Receipt.  

  • See all of our Specifications, Recommendations and Reports here and awaiting your download from our Reports and Recommendations web repository.   

  • As always, if you have a query or question, staff are only too willing to assist.  Contact them via email.