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A lot of what you will see from Kantara this year will speak directly to its Mission.  It's easy to talk about it and write about the need for it, as other consortia in our community are so adept at.  But it's darn hard to do. 

Subject Matter Experts and Money. That's what it takes. We are blessed with the former and the richness of the conversation they bring. We are constantly challenged by the latter.  To those organizations hanging out on Kantara's mailing list or lurking on its Working and Discussion Groups, I say this to you; 'It is not going to happen'. If you think that by sitting and waiting for somebody else to invest the time and money to build the artefacts so you can just consume them, you are mistaken. Kantara prides itself on its conviction to maintain low barrier to entry so folks can engage with the work. That is sacrosanct. But unless and until you actually engage with the people and invest in the work yourselves, the value will not follow.  So please - get engaged, get out your check-book to direct some funds to the piece of work you want to see Kantara do, and in so doing, drivie drive this community forward to build a better, safer and more equitable digital economy.