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  1. Administrative - roll call :  Minutes from Jan 10 ;Election of Officers
  2. FEDLab SAML tests update
  3. UK Gov Profile
  4. eGov 2 Profile 
  5. SAML 2 Int Profile (Profile updates,  Wiki page)
  6. Federated Interop patterns
  7. Kantara, OIX and other meta-data aggregator projects.
  8. Your agenda items


4.  Kantara, OIX and other meta-data aggregator projects

Discussion: JB meeting Leif re the possible ISOC and R&E peering between OIX and Kantara aggregators. Ping has a pilot in play for SPs using Ping Federate clients (repeated from last call..?). The pilot is in 2 Parts: First, getting meta data into same IdP, and Second, how to manage the ...accumulation?... (notes indecipherable).. of 3rd parties' attributes as federations grow. Non R&E feds wil have to use R&E methods before long.Matt: PKI vs meta data - pros and cons. Typically PKI is favored by govt and MD is favored by Higher Ed. Mapping is hard and enforces arbitrary decisions like MD at LoA 1,2,3 but not 4.  PKI at LoA 3.5 and 4.

?: Where is Kantara and OIX in the Trust Framework business. (John): Kantara is not a federation in that it doesn't necessarily represent those that are certified by it. OIX is a kind of federation because its members are represented. But Certification not done at OIX (beyond LoA1)


7. Your Agenda items

None raised..and no more call time left.

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