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'It was the worst of times, it was the best of times'..

In trying to think how this past few months of world history will be documented, How will historians describe this pandemic crisis period I wonder..  I'm mindful reminded of the This Dickensian paradox from the Tale of two cities'.

Amongst the global scale, severity and suffering of the COVID-19 outbreak, have been some truly remarkable stories of courage, duty or calling and selfless dedication. The people who do often largely thankless tasks to maintain our everyday living and to keep us safe and well, have rightfully been called out for our adulation. The contribution of those in healthcare, in law enforcement, in transport and logistics, city refuse and so on are nearly always overlooked in the cut and thrust of issues of the day that we have the luxury of engaging in because our others other needs further down Maslov's hierarchy are taken care of - largely by these unsung heroes.  Times like these that we have today are an opportunity to reflect and reset - not just our economies and our ecologies, but also ourselves as human beings.  Perhaps our industry even learns a thing or two along the way - that fragmentation and competition should give way to coherence and collaboration.  The future will not be the same as the past. Things will not return to the way they were. Valiant attempts there There will be , valiant attempts I'm sure, but the reset to 'the new normal' may in fact actually bring some good.  Let's hope so.

For me, it has been interesting to observe how different organizations in our industry have approached this period. For years now, we have raised awareness of just how critical appropriately applied digital identity is to much of our digital lives - strong and secure when the identity-related risk in the use case calls for it, less so when it is not. Same with privacy - having agency over our personal data volunteered by us or collected by others. Different uses cases call for different approaches, brought into sharp focus right now when trust in one's government authorities, in one's digital platforms, in the developer community is pivotal to our adoption of apps for contact tracing, for test validation and so on.

The role that industry organizations play is important, but . But it is not all about them , - tempting as it is , - to draw in attract attention by binding to the issue of the day.  You'll note that Kantara has not played that game. The reason it exists is because its members want it to exist. Kantara has called out the great work its members are such as UK members at Director level and Folio.ID are doing in various aspects of the COVID crisis, just as it calls out the great work its members all round the world are doing in other aspects of the digital economy at any other time.  Kantara is blessed with some of the most thought-leading and innovative organizations and individuals in our space on the planet. Kantara amplifies and showcases those and other members' great works, because it really is all about them. And as I said last month, it's about 'playing it forward' for the long haul and - not just sound bites on the issue of the day. 'Nurture, Develop, Operate - that's what we do'.  We continue with

Kantara can amplify even more member posts, but only if it is made aware. The best way to do that is tag your posts on Social with @KantaraNews or equivalent so we pick it up.

The Identity Assurance WG continues preparing additional Assessment Criteria for accredited Assessors to assess service providers seeking the Kantara Trust Mark for NIST 800-63-3 to encompass NIST 800-63-3C (Federation Assertion Level 2) and following that, all of Level 3 - IAL3, AAL3 and FAL3. The ISI-Work Group has its first 3 projects in the starting blocks and attracting global participation, such is the interest in the future shape and form of the Kantara Consent Receipt specification and the emerging draft retro-fit framework underpinning it, so please participate and contribute. UMA-WGs doubling down on conformance and interop testing but join right right now to see Thursday's presentation on its UMA extension work from member Identos.  The FIRE-WG has two interesting papers in play that are receiving good vibes from the Healthcare sector with some context shown here.    We While on the topic of the Classes of Approval available under Kantara's Identity Assurance Program, the ARB and Staff are in the midst of refreshing the look and feel of the Trust Status List to both add more detail and make it easier to follow for the steadily increasing volume of interested parties to the page.  Talking of testing, the UMA-WG is soliciting interest in recrafting some existing work to test some AS basics. We also continue to 'circle the wagons' on exactly what slice of work the notional Work Group on mDL (Mobile Drivers Licence) might take on, to progress its use as a mobile identification tool. Newly released is the Secure Technology Alliance (STA)'s mDL White Paper that Kantara members Exponent, Idemia, individual contributor members David Kelts & Ken Dagg and Staff gave time and effort to. The challenges published there are informing our perspective on the work items of the workgroup.  It's quite an art to locate and align Replying Parties requirements with the priorities of vendors, together with Kantara's capabilities, so expect it to take a little while yet. Meanwhile please work we might undertake in a future mDL Work Group to accelerate the adoption of its use in mobile identification. And we are about to start start re-circling the wagons around conferences in the latter part of the year. Kuppinger Cole's Custech in October is a case in point, where much of the work that members had put into the pre-conference Workshop as a curtain-raiser to the European Identity Conference that was due to be held this month, can be re-tuned for Custech, and without the stipulation of in-person presentations and associated travel. But before that, expect to see members and Kantara staff online in the Festival of Identity and the OWI's Digital forum. Please Contact Us if you have an interest in moving mDL for mobile digital identity forward. 

And that's the thing. In our lifetime there has never been an event so impactful on the world's people than this pandemic. Yet in the break-glass circumstances we find ourselves in, there has never been a time when digital identity and and privacy awareness are more important. I know other member organizations have done similar but this one caught my attention from UK member Folio.ID was posted on LinkedIn a few days ago.  Members, Kantara can amplify your posts, but only if you make it aware. The best way to do that is tag your posts on Social with @KantaraNews or equivalent so we pick it up.

New members continue to steadily arrive at our community door.  This month we welcome individual contributor Kate Downing and welcome back Qroot Consulting from the Netherlands together with individual contributor David Kelts. Thank you all!  

Kantara's staff are spread across the world - Italy, Spain, the UK, Argentina and the US.  We are all in varied forms of lockdown but we remain safe, well and serving you every day. Please stay safe and well too, so that we can continue to help deliver the great work that you do.

Whether in good times and in bad times, we face our challenges together and we work through them together. This time is no different. But the tide will eventually turn and Kantara's global community and the people it serves will emerge to embrace the good times that seem distant right now. But one day at a time the good times get closer.any of the topics above.  

Adding to our steadily increasing cohort of Individual contributors, this month we welcome Cigdem Sengul and Manvendra Kumar. Thank you!  


Kind regards