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Amongst the global scale, severity and suffering of the COVID-19 outbreak, have been some truly remarkable stories of courage, duty or calling and selfless dedication. The people who do often largely thankless tasks to maintain our everyday living and to keep us safe and well, have rightfully been called out for our adulation. The contribution of those in healthcare, in law enforcement, in transport and logistics, in city refuse and so on are nearly always overlooked in the cut and thrust of the issues of the day that we have the luxury of engaging in because our other needs further down Maslov's hierarchy are taken care of - largely by these unsung heroes.  Times like these that we have today are an opportunity to reflect and reset - not just on our economies and our ecologies, but also on ourselves as human beings.  Perhaps our industry even learns a thing or two along the way - that fragmentation and competition should give way to coherence and collaboration.  The future will not be the same as the past. Things will not return to the way they were. There will be valiant attempts I'm sure, but the reset to 'the new normal' may actually bring some good.  Let's hope so.


The role that industry organizations play is important. But it is not all about them - tempting as it is - to attract attention by binding to the issue of the day.  You'll note that Kantara has not played that game. The reason it exists is because its members want it to exist. Kantara has called out the great work its members such as UK members at Director level and Folio.ID are doing in various aspects of the COVID crisis, just as it calls out the great work its members all round the world are doing in other aspects of the digital economy at any other time.  Kantara is blessed with some of the most thought-leading and innovative organizations and individuals in our space on the planet. Kantara amplifies and showcases those, and other members' great works, because it really is all about them. And as I said last month, it's about 'playing it forward' for the long haul - not sound bites on the issue of the day. 'Nurture, Develop, Operate - that's what we do'.  

Kantara can amplify even more member posts, but only if it is made aware of them. The best way to do that is tag your posts on Social Media with @KantaraNews or equivalent so we pick it up.

It has been an intense month for Kantara on the international standards front, with the ISO SC27 meetings held virtually instead of in St Petersburg.  Kantara has a formal liaison, attends meetings and last year, proposed the new work item which was recently approved by national bodies and goes by the descriptor ISO/IEC TS 27560 Consent record information structure.  In approving the project, there were comments from China, Italy and the Philippines. However the disruption impacted the appointment of editors so, as the proposer of the work, it fell to me to draft a successful disposition of comments so that a working draft #1 could be produced in advance of the next meeting in Warsaw in September. The consent-related project work in the ISI-WG has relevance to the ISO effort going forward, so please participate and contribute to the ISI-WG.