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Attending; Eve, And, Domenico, Lisa, Nancy, Tim, Colin

Through her colleagues, Eve recently came upon the work of the Sovrin Guardianship group (which overlaps in some respects with our biz-legal work) and the DIDauthz work (which references OAuth and UMA). Nancy brings up the FAST work in healthcare, which is trying to accelerate solutions to common challenges. What is the best way for us to accelerate our own work and goals, and how we can center on the end-user perspective (the "User" in UMA)? Lisa notes the DIDUX working group, given this desired perspective.

Tim notes the rationale stated in the paper on p. 9 for the guardianship work: "In short, carefully constructed guardianship is essential to SSI. Without it, SSI solutions will either tend towards centralisation or exclude billions of people." This is somewhat a weird way to think, in Eve's opinion, because it's constructed around the goal of digital identity (an "input metric") as opposed to what people actually want out of digital services (an "output metric"). If we don't get out of this mindset, we may not get to the point of being creative enough to solve the next generation of problems. Tim notes that the UN and the World Bank are saying that legal identity is a human right! . (Though "legal identity" is not the same thing as "(a) digital identity".) She takes the sentiment of wanting to solve the thorny problem of "offline and online" mixes of people, though. Lisa suggests that we pull Adrian into an analysis. Eve thinks Justin could shed light too.