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Invited Guests: Jim Fenton, David Temoshok (NIST), Christine Abruzzi. 
Non-voting participants: Roger Quint, Pete Palmer 
Voting participants:  Ken Dagg, Martin Smith, Mark Hapner, Richard Wilsher


Quorum: 4 of 7. There was quorum


1. Administration:
Roll Call
2. Discussion:


b)  DIACC Call for Comment on PCTF Verified Login Component Overview & Conformance Profile Draft Recommendations V1.0


  • Ken announced that IAWF 1050 Glossary and Overview was approved by All Member Ballot and it will be published shortly. 

Discussion on NIST Response  - Continuation session 

Comments about Kantara Implementation Report Response 090319


  • It was agreed to have a next session to continue discussing the pending points (e.g. report #5).

DIACC call for comments on PCTF documents 

  • Ken commented that DIACC released an updated version of Verified Login Component of the Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF), where some of IAWG comments were accepted.  See: Comments to DIACC on PCTF Verified Login Component and Conformance Profile v1.0
  • It was agreed to release an eBallot to determine if IAWG will develop comments on the updated version of Verified Login Component of the Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF). 
  • Deadline to comment January 20th. 

Revision of Glossary and Overview in light of IS17065

  • It was agreed to defer this discussion to end of January. 

Action items

  • Schedule a new discussion session with NIST.