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The open-source MITREid Connect project has UMA1 support. An experimental branch called MPD (for "multi-party delegation") has been used as a sandbox for UMA2 features, but has not yet been updated to full UMA2 support.


PatientShare empowers patients to safely share their health records with users of their choice in an interoperable way. This approach respects and honors patient security and privacy.  PatientShare implements UMA 2 and HEART.  It includes an enterprise FHIR-based RS, AS and HEART client. It is designed to easily integrate with any health data repository. While the initial client is a HEART-based viewer, it is actually accessing discrete data. This approach demonstrates an important building block for accessing discrete data via an API, across a wide ecosystem, under the control of patient-directed consent. PatientShare has also been connected to EMRs via CDS hooks, providing physicians with the ability to access the patient’s data which may be external to the EMR. PatientShare was derived from HealthyMePHR, by Lush Group, Inc, which was a Phase 1 and 2 winner of The Department of Health and Human Service’s Move Health Data Forward Challenge.

PatientShare is a product of Patient Centric Solutions, Inc. For more information contact

SMART project (non-healthcare-related)