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  • DIACC has invited Kantara to review and comment on the Pan Canadian Trust Framework Model Overview

  • Ken said that DIACC has asked that when reviewing this draft, please consider the following:
     1. A glossary of terms will be shared in the near future and will be informed by this review.
     2. Is the general structure and tone in the expected direction?
     3. Is the scope too narrow, too broad, or appropriate, bearing in mind other components
     may address details out of scope for this document?
     4. Do you agree with the specific terms as they are presented in the document?
     5. Do you agree with "Digital Identity" to refer to the information of concern? Agree or
     suggest a new term.

  • Richard pointed out that it is broad in scope and that it would be god good to have common terminology between the two frameworks. 

  • Ken encouraged IAWG participants to provide inputs on the DIACC´s PCTF Model Overview.
  • It was agreed to discuss it further in the next meetings, in order to coordinate and send comments by March 15th.