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In Europe, much of January was taken up with adding the final touches to Kantara Initiative Europe's 2019 European Union H2020 grant funded NGI_Trust project with other consortia members GEANT, Fraunhofer, Tecnalia, EFIS and EDN. This first call opened February 1st and closes April 30th. Regardless of whether you are a European based individual, research institute, start-up or mature company building solutions for the Next Generation Internet, we need your help to make it humancentric by developing scalable privacy and trust enhancing solutions. It doesn't end there however. During January, Kantara Europe has been working in two other consortia preparing bids for further grant H2020 funding.  . I'll keep you posted on our progress with those.     

While on the subject of R&D, we were looking forward to seeing our two star performers in KIPI R&D program - Lockstep's MDAV certificate capsules project re-branded as ValidIDy and Exponent's MOB4PACS project using smartphones as PIV cards with NFC and BLE - pitch their solutions at the DHS S&T Cyber Security & Innovation Showcase in Washington DC January 8-11th. Regrettably the Federal Government Shutdown put an end to that, but the good news is that it has been rescheduled for March 18-20th. Since the postponement notice came too late for internationals to change travel plans, I came to DC anyway and had hugely valuable discussions with our many friends and supporters in that city. You know who are - so thank you!

Things haven't been quiet on the Trust Framework and Assurance program either during January. A second organization's solution was approved under Kantara's 800-63-3 scheme, with others working through the process and still others giving the idea consideration. An interesting dynamic that can play out (and did so this month) is when the public sector steps back (in this case the furlough through much of December and January and the TFS part of the GSA FICAM program increasingly moribund), the private sector steps up and gets on with it. We also had enquiries from two organizations interested in bringing their own schemes to Kantara to operate. I'll keep you up to date as they progress.

Of the work groups, the Consent & Information Sharing and UMA groups continued to attract the most attention as they plan their consent receipt interoperability demo and submission to IETF respectively, with the Identity Assurance Work Group building its call attendances back up as the the cycle of document revisions sets the baseline for additional work this yearin 2019. The short life ID Proofing and Verification Discussion Group which has enjoyed high call attendance and , has a really strong set of use cases with which to report back to the Study Period on the topic at ISO SC27 Working Group 5 in Tel Aviv in April. If you hurry there's still time to get yours in. and contributed use cases

We have been busy getting Kantara community discounts and planning our participation at Conferences and Events too. Of course our participation is your participation. A big shout-out of thanks to those members who submitted kantara related proposals to TIIME in Vienna, KNOW in Las Vegas, the European Identity Conference in Munich and Idenitiverse in Washington DC taking place in these coming months. If you are attending the EIC in Munich in May, please make sure you arrive a day early and register here for the Kantara Members Plenary on Monday May 13th, the day before the Kantara pre-conference workshop and the event opening just after.