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Next steps and considerations:



  • Include Kantara onboarding in the Statement of Work for the next version of the IDEF Registry web site. 
  • The form that recognition of Kantara-approved CSPs during the IDEF registration process still needs to be decided.    If it can’t be an interactive experience (due to site-development budget issues),  it could at least be a static presentation in HTML or PDF.    
  • Once we get this the above going, part of the process would be that Kantara-approved CSPs initiate registration and get a “pass” on the “Fully Compliant” items, then they will attest to the remaining IDEF Baseline criteria.  Finally, they will need to accept the standard terms and conditions and submit a complete package (attestation form). 
  • In relation to the HTML/Static representation, KI suggested following the example of our Trust Registry:
  • Next meeting: TBC 


April 26th 

action items:

  • David and Ben to send a revised version of the MoU and will work on the on-boarding process specified in the annex. Bullet 3 of the "Considerations" above would be language for the annex. 



April 3rd Meeting Notes: