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  • 2016-09-07 Meeting Minutes

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Representation NameAttended
Connected Life Innovation Groups
IRMWG1Salvatore D'Agostino (LC Secretary) 
IRMWG2Bill Nelson 
UMAWG1Eve Maler 
UMAWG2Maciej Machulak 

John Wunderlich


CISWG Mark Lizar (LC Vice-Chair) 
CISWG Mary Hodder 
IDoTDG Ingo Friese 
BSCDG Thomas Hardjono 
BSCDG Eve Maler 
Trust Services Interoperability Groups
IAWG1Ken Dagg


IAWG2Andrew Hughes (LC Chair) 
HIAWG1NON-VOTING 2016-09-07-

Rainer Hoerbe

eGovWG2Keith Uber 

John Bradley


FIWG2Walter Forbes Hoehn 
OTTOWG1Michael Schwartz 
OTTOWG2Janusz Ulanowski 
CISBPDG1Neil McEvoy 
Kantara-Colin Wallis 
Kantara Intern-Eric Prigden 
Virtual-Shannon Taylor 


TopicDesired Outcome
Meeting Administration
Roll Call

Achieve quorum

NOTE: Health ID Assurance WG has no chair, and is excluded from voting status and quorum calculation until a new Chair is selected and in attendance.

Agenda ConfirmationReview agenda and call for additions.
Ongoing Meetings

Discuss moving the Leadership Council meetings to once per month going forward.

  • Every 4 weeks or 1st Wednesdays ?
  • Push harder to use electronic status updates instead of meetings
Meeting Minutes

Approve past meeting minutes:

Organization Updates
Executive Director Report

Status update from the ED.

  • Recent events attended by Kantara
  • Organization health check
  • ID Pro status
Staff Report

Status update from the staff.

  • Outstanding allAll-member ballotsBallots status
  • LC Ballots status
  • Group Participation Agreement update / Consent Receipt beta
Board of Director Liaison Report & Action RequestsStatus update from the LC Board rep.
New Business

WG/DG Updates

  • IRM
  • CIS
  • IDoT
  • BSC
  • IA
  • HIA
  • eGOV
  • FI
  • OTTO
 Updates from each WG/DG. Focus for Sept 7 meeting will be on the Blockchain and Smart Contract DG.
Launching WG/DG Discussion

Discussion of potential new WG/DGs

A parking lot of potential new WG/DG is listed below, as these become closer to reality there will be an opportunity to learn more information.

  • Ken Klingenstein - Scalable Consent
  • Mark Lizar - Consent Conformance
  • Andrew Hughes - Next-Gen IAF
  • Andrew Hughes - FIDO-aware IAF
  • Peter Davis - IoT policy enablement for XACML

Past topics discussed but not yet chartered:

  • Ken Dagg - RP Requirements
Long-running Topics
Action Items ReviewReview action items
Contributor IPR Status update on changing to Contribution Agreement type
Tips and Tricks

Continued conversation on group and conversation management tips and recommendations.

  • Seeking a tutorial on how to use github to do collaborative document editing
Kantara Policy AuditDiscussion on audit of Kantara policies - including changes to GPA and privacy policy
2017 Project FundingRequests due by the end of September
Document repoStructure revamp and solidification of process
Kantara Publications LibraryAndrew to draft proposal for processes
AOBOpen discussion