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This draft document has been updated to reflect the V1.0.1 candidate Draft Recommendations dated 2015-0912-14. It will be corrected as required and updated when the V1.0.1 specifications are finalized.28. There were no specification changes between the draft and final Recommendations.

  • Eve Maler
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The UMA V1.0 specifications (Core, RSR) were approved in March 2015. The UMA V1.0.1 specifications (Core, RSR) are currently (September 2015) in draft form; the Work Group's goal is to see their finalization by the end of 2015. were approved in an All-Member Ballot to be Kantara Recommendations and were published in December 2015.

The following release notes are therefore also in draft form. They are catalogued according to their impact on software implementations (where impact on client software in addition to authorization server or resource server software is denoted with (+Client) in the section title). Links to relevant GitHub issues and specific section numbers are provided where possible, enabling old-to-new text comparisons and tracking of discussions and rationales.