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  • 2014-03-03 eGov Meeting Minutes

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Rainer presented in detail EUSTIX model for Privacy-enhanced Federated Identity Management

No audio recording available due to technical issue.


AP Colin: Why haven't virtual anonymous credit cards been visible commercial success?

Pseudonymous mail service - PO Box are pseudonymous

Service Broker does not need to store any information user attributes one way hash is adequate

Consent service must store consent decisions

Model can be applied to SAML BAE - SAML with Backend Attribute Exchange

Attribute Query (AQ) could be used based on the same techniques

OpenID Connect also should work.

Pilot under construction, demo April 2004 in Vienna.


EUSTIX is a business development platform and does not have a lot of government involvement.

It is for companies doing identity federation - to “meet here and make federations”

A common rule book, common design principles

Localise protocols and policies