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As of 26 September 2013 (pre-meeting), quorum is 7 6 of 1211. This table tracks voting participants of the UMA Work Group, and also voting participant attendance at recent "all-hands" meetings in which the WG's goal is to attain quorum. (Participation in ad hoc and "focus" meetings – most of our regular weekly meetings at this point -- is not formally tracked. See individual meeting notes to see who attended.) Since participants may move between voting and non-voting status, and are moved to the second table when they become non-voting (thus removing their record), the attendance record columns do not necessarily reflect actual attendance at any one meeting. Rather, they are a tool to help the chair manage quorum over time. The "q(n)" designation means quorum was reached, with n being the minimum number of voting participants required.

ParticipantOrganizationGPA1-31 q(6)2-28 q(6)3-28 q(6)4-25 q(6)5-30 q(6)6-27 q(6)8-1 q(6)9-26 q(7)

Catalano, Domenico

Oracle Corporation


1100111 1

D'Agostino, Salvatore



1111101 0

Fletcher, George



1101100 0

Hardjono, Thomas



0011001 1
Hazelton, KeithU of Wisconsin-Madison2012-10-170111111 1
Hughes, AndrewITIM Consulting2012-06-19     11 1

Machulak, Maciej

Newcastle University


1111111 0

Maler, Eve



1111111 Michelis, PabloIntel2013-08-13        1
Mohammed, AlamFraunhofer AISEC2009-07-221110001 0

Moren, Lukasz

Newcastle University


0000000 1
Wen, JinMcKesson Corp.2013-07-18      0 1

This table tracks non-voting participants of the UMA Work Group.