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Following are materials related to the testing of UMA-based health data exchange contributed by Project hData as part of the UMA validation bounty program. The final versions of these materials were submitted as of 13 Dec 2010. Ultimately the UMA WG may turn these contributed materials into UMA "working drafts".







I am writing on behalf of the hData project with our submission to the UMA validation bounty program. Our submission relates to medical data exchange via hData, and consists of two workflow diagrams outlining the steps involved in registering primary and secondary data providers. To facilitate sharing and editing, we used the to develop the swimlane diagrams.

One of the features of hData is the use of a Discovery and Authorization Service (DAS), which combines functions of an Authorization Manager and a Discovery Service. The DAS plays a central role in how health data providers and consumers find each other and access authorized patient data from other health data providers. To clarify the dual role of the DAS, we have create two adjacent swimlanes in the enclosed diagrams.

The first diagram ( covers the process of (a) registering a user with the DAS, and (b) registering the patient