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  • UMA F2F 2010-11-01

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Many new stories were suggested over the course of the rest of the meeting.

Resource/scope registration: go through latest proposal and issues and decide

The "share" pattern and other patterns: At first through discussing the "Register resources and available scopes" story and the pending "Request registration of resources and available scopes" story, and then through general discussion and examination of the latest proposal, we drilled down into the likely tasks an authorizing user might want to perform to try and figure out the flows that need to be supported. The proposal supports the first of these stories but not the second.

The goal in the SMART project was to enable a user to click on a "share" button while visiting the host, and then be redirected to the AM to map a policy to that resource. The project also has the goal for the host to accurately display to the user the status of a resource (whether it has been registered at the AM or not). These generally fall under what we started calling "problem A", acknowledged to be likely in-scope for UMA 1.0 based on the SMART UX study experiences.

We also considered the possibility that the user might want to remain at the host while associating a policy with a resource for lowest possible UX friction, which we called "problem B", and to cancel protection for a particular resource while visiting the AM, which we called "problem C".