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  • UMA F2F 2010-11-01

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  • Charles Andres
  • Alan Karp
  • Henrik Biering
  • Joseph Holsten
  • Jeff Stollman


Thomas offered to be the notes-taker for for most of the day.

New AI summary

George: Write up "problem B" as a user experience description that can be turned into a user story.
Eve: Put the public-private continuum language and diagram into the Lexicon.
@@More TBS - figure out how to get all new user stories into place

Roll call

Quorum not reached.


Other updates from the wider UMA world


Brief "UMA 101" session as necessary for newbies in the room

We reviewed the UMA three-step flow, the differences between requesters and requesting parties, different sharing models (person-to-*), and the spec modules.

User stories: add, review, prioritize, decide


Resource/scope registration: go through latest proposal and issues and decide


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