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10 minutesIntroductions


15 minutesCharter Review
  • The consensus is that the key element is an implementor's draft report.
30 minutesRoadmap discussionAll
  • Discussion on privacy implications of IA update to mDL
    • Lifecycle management by provider
    • Information from user v information from IA
    • Still a valid ID
  • Elements in the Interim Report
    • Front Matter
    • Definitions
    • Methodology
    • Implementors Guidance (How to use this report and the requirements)
      • Use cases? or categories of use cases?
    • Overlays to ensure concordance between functions
    • Setting boundaries - 'this kind of issue belongs elsewhere'
  • Tools:
    • File sharing & collaboration: Dropbox
    • Meetings: Zoom
    • Issue tracking
      • Kantara GitHub repo for pemc issue tracking ??
  •  John Wunderlich draft outline with help from
  •  John Wunderlich to set up Kantara Zoom meetings
  •  Andreas Thoma  to look into issues related to GItHub issues being public
5 minutesSet time for next meeting

Bi-Weekly meetings for now

Consensus is Tues, Wed or Fri at noon eastern