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Contributed by the for discussion,  as content is out of scope of this WG.  

Open Consent Group  Advisory; (Mark Lizar, Sal D' Agostino, Paul Knowles) developed through working on the Privacy as Expected Signalling Protocol.  WG is working has met and is discussion a focus on just proof of notice for digital identity, see meeting notes Oct 27

This is a framework for person centric use cases, and relies on additional technical use cases and profiles for implementationwiki page for discussion

Summary Overview 

The v1.2 consent receipt is a record of a notice, created when a person interacts with it, reads it online, or uses a QR code sign.   It is used to mirror (twin) privacy and surveillance notices, notifications and disclosures (like cookie pop-ups) so that the user agent (like a browser) can remember the privacy preferences and valid consent state.  This specification illustrates how a person (PII Principle) can generate a consent receipt for any service.  The prefix of the receipt, called an ANCR record, is created first then  used to generate a Consent Receipt.  This helps people capture the state of notice and processing so it can be used by the PII Principal for proof of notice and the PII Controller (Service) as evidence of consent.    Reducing contract  frictions, costs, privacy risks and surveillance.