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For me, it was a watershed month as I notified staff and members, in advance of it going public, of my intention to step back from leading Kantara in a few months time.  (Apply here!).  I'm at that time of life where attention is needed on personal finance, assets and property ... and life really.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of surmounting hurdles as they arose, Kantara has been all consuming.  But life balance is important too, and mine is overdue for a reset.  Also overdue is my need to switch my residency back to my home country of New Zealand for at least three years.  So the time feels right to hit the reset button.  Rather than having to work much of the night in New Zealand to operate in Kantara's primary time zones, it is time to to take a step back.  It's only a step back (semi-retirement) ... it is not retirement!  I will remain in and around Kantara, as well as around the industry, for quite a while yet.  My involvement, however, will be at a more relaxed tempo than the deadline driven cadence that comes with leading a global community of three Kantara branded organizations.