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  1. Call to order
  2. ISI Work Group IPR Policy
  3. Today's Agenda
    1. ON HOLD TO POST 1/29 We’ll be doing a quick recap of The Draft PDURF document comments to accept
      1. Accept all changes in the consolidated document created by Kate.
      2. Move that to Kantara format
      3. Circulate that internal
      4. Identify a use case, based on a real-world experience of implement CR 1.1.
        1. Current target Use Case Peter Davis Airside Mobile CR v1.0
      5. Conduct a workshop, led by Joe, on using the report to build a profile using the document to identify any issues with the document.Vote to move to publish the document
      6.  publish a document post-workshop
      7. Begin to Reviewing/editing with adds/deletes/changes as profiles of the Data Model Model as profiles are submitted
    2. The subject of Agreement Characteristics in the new section called Characteristics for Respectful Tech, with a recommendation for Ken and Lisa to drive a workshop to cross-reference
      1. You are all encouraged to give it a look, produce your own and contribute, suggest reviews and 
      2. Use Apple’s list of purposes/uses in their privacy nutrition label: Lisa recently shared
      Discuss the group moving forward to create new workshops and topics
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Approval of Minutes if a quorum