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May has been another busy month in all main activity areas of Kantara. Kantara Europe is neck deep in marking the new proposals seeking grant funding in the 3rd and final call of NGI_Trust. Kantara has 38 proposals to work through out of the 100+ received. It's been busy also for the Kantara Foundation as its application for US federal funding opportunities was approved, the culmination of months of effort by staff together with Director, Kay Chopard Cohen. 

Kantara's Information Sharing Interoperability Working Group's 3 project streams are now fully in flight and already producing outputs. One to watch for in coming weeks is the formalization of the Blinding Identity Taxonomy into a report drawing on the original contribution by the Human Colossus Foundation. It is expected to be consumed by Hyperledger Indy Aries and others as well as Kantara.  

It has been an intense month for Kantara on the international standards front, with the ISO SC27 meetings held virtually instead of in St Petersburg.  Kantara has a formal liaison, attends meetings and last year, proposed the new work item which was recently approved by national bodies and goes by the descriptor ISO/IEC TS 27560 Consent record information structure.  In approving the project, there were comments from China, Italy and the Philippines. However the disruption impacted the appointment of editors so, as the proposer of the work, it fell to me to draft a successful disposition of comments so that a working draft #1 could be produced in advance of the next meeting in Warsaw in September. The consent-related project work in the ISI-WG has relevance to the ISO effort going forward, so please participate and contribute to the ISI-WG.    

The Identity Assurance WG continues preparing additional Assessment Criteria for accredited Assessors to assess service providers seeking the Kantara Trust Mark for NIST 800-63-3 to encompass NIST 800-63-3C (Federation Assurance Level 2) and following that, all of Level 3 - IAL3, AAL3 and FAL3. While on the topic of the Classes of Approval available under Kantara's Identity Assurance Program, the ARB and Staff are in the midst of refreshing the look and feel of the Trust Status List to both add more detail and make it easier to follow for the steadily increasing volume of interested parties to the page.  Talking of testing, the UMA-WG is soliciting interest in recrafting some existing work to test some AS basics. We also continue to 'circle the wagons' on exactly what work we might undertake in a future mDL Work Group to accelerate the adoption of its use in mobile identification. And we are about to start start re-circling the wagons around conferences in the latter part of the year. Kuppinger Cole's Custech in October is a case in point, where much of the work that members had put into the pre-conference Workshop as a curtain-raiser to the European Identity Conference that was due to be held this month, can be re-tuned for Custech, and without the stipulation of in-person presentations and associated travel. But before that, expect to see members and Kantara staff online in the Festival of Identity and the OWI's Digital forum. Please Contact Us if you have an interest in any of the topics above.  

Adding to our steadily increasing cohort of Individual contributors, this month we welcome Cigdem Sengul and Manvendra Kumar. Thank you  There is a some seminal thinking being championed by Tom Jones on self issued high assurance identifiers, self generated on the user's portable device, with particular interest to the Healthcare community, so keep a watch on how that develops. Meanwhile UMA WG is reviewing parts of Identos's implementation with a view to potentially profiling them as additions to UMA's stable of standardized extensions and profiles. There's growing interest in developing a test harness for UMA Basics, so if you are reading this and implementing and and would be interested to know more, please Contact Us.     

We are giving some thought to running our Summer Webinar series again this year. It was very popular when we last last held it in the summer of 2018.  It is an ideal opportunity to showcase the work being undertaken in the working groups and Kantara members' implementations of them in their solutions.  Interested to be involved? Please Contact Us. Talking of Webinars, we help others out with theirs too. I am moderating a session this coming Thursday in the Festival of Identity, and on June 25th, Kantara will present the shape and form of the privacy related challenges in mDL implementations in a Webinar hosted by the Secure Technology Alliance (STA).  Remember we are circling the wagons for a workshop as a part of Kuppinger Cole's Custech online conference in October. Again, Members please Contact Us if you are interested in being involved regarding any of the topics above.  

During May we welcomed new Individual Contributor members Zenia Vasquez and Tom Jones and renewing Organization member Hindle Consulting along with Individual Contributor members Christine Abruzzi, Catherine Schulten, Jon Lehtinen, Mark Lizar and Martin Smith. Thank you all for stepping up to support Kantara!  


Kind regards