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It's not only Staff that have been working hard. The Working Groups have been meeting largely as normal over the summer. UMA has continued to develop it its business-legal framework (thank you Eve, Tim Reiniger and all active participants), Consent & Info Sharing is updating its charter ) planning new deliverables and working on others (thank you Jim, Iain, Lisa, John, Andrew, Mark, Mary and all active participants), while Identity Assurance and Healthcare Identity Assurance have both been contributing comments on draft documents from other industry and government bodies (thanks you Ken, Martin, Pete, Mark, Tom, Barry). To give you a sense of the depth and breadth of IAWG's contributions in particular, the 'Keeping up with Kantarians' email newsletter coming out mid-month in September will highlight this Group's selfless efforts 'to lift all boats' in helping other government and industry consortia efforts for their customers we collectively serve.  That is the essence of Kantara's mission and the ethics and ethos it steadfastly holds to.