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  • Mircea Patachi
  • Chris Cooper
  • Marvin van Wingerde
  • David TurnerColin Wallis
  • Tom JonesColin Wallis



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4 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing

5 min
  • Organization updates

Please review these blogs offline for current status on Kantara and all the DG/WG:

There is a new wiki page that will hold all the known implementations of Consent Receipts - Please update the page or inform Andrew of your implementation.

EIC 2018 Munich May 15-18

  • Kantara AGM and Members Plenary Monday May 14
  • Kantara Showcase workshop May 15 morning
  • Consent mini-track Thursday May 17

IAPP Summit Canada May 24-25

  • John W. presenting Information Sharing Agreements / JLINC

Identiverse 2018 Boston June 24-28

  • Several consent-relevant sessions throughout the week
40 minMyData Conference - Interop track proposalJim
  • Andrew has created a project planning page for the MyData interop demo - for all related information
  • John has created MyData 2018 Interoperability Use Cases
  • Jim - meeting with product manager and CTO to discuss mapping the CR spec to product features and identifying potential gaps
  • At the conference, the session will be showing what we have built in advance
    • WG goal is to have demo finalized by early August
    • We need firm commitments by first call in June to participate and status update
    • ACTION: Andrew to set up a Trello board to track the project
  • John: Should we define the 'human readable' or core content of the CR in advance of talking with dev teams?
    • A: Yes - we should create a test harness to allow testing communications
  • ACTION: John to consolidate and post use cases material that has been submitted

  • Jim: has been working on / contributing to 'Internet of Me' publication on Medium. Proposing that Simon (editor) talks with others here to engage.
    • Colin: Kantara can assist

Next meeting
2018-0405-17 24 same time, same number ** Note that EIC is on too


From 2018-05-03 call:

  • The proposal has been accepted!
  • Interested, JLINC, Consentua, Open Consent, UNLOQ
  • Possibly interested:iQuality
  • Mark: has been working on a GDPR extension for the CR. Building an alpha service to be ready for May 25.
  • Chris: need a standard on discovery of where CRs have been issued
  • Mircea: has a use case/scenario that we might want to demo
    • Transferability of consent along with data - e.g. if an event site wants to share attendee data with sponsors
    • Publisher and ad network - cookie consents
    • If we want to demonstrate CR interop, do we also have to show data portability?
  • Chris: Consentua's 1st concern for interop is to support data portability - will facilitate industry consolidation (eventually)
  • Jim: Directs everyone to connect with John Wunderlich who is assembling a use cases outline.
    • Firststep is to take a list of CR spec fields to do a 'feature support' listing from each of the implementers to allow mapping of implementations
  • Discussion around the IIW and MIT Hackfest GDPR cookies and the IAB EU - lots of interest and discussion about this - will continue to track it
  • Use case: When data is transferred from one party to another party should the user be notified every time? ever?
  • ACTION: Anyone interested in developing the use cases to connect with John Wunderlich