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  • Sample Mode 1 Consent Receipts (Human Readable)
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(Please upload Mode 1 Consent Receipts for review and discussion

  File Modified
PNG File Screenshot Consent Receipt - Oliver Maerz Implementation Sep 07, 2016 by Oliver Maerz
Microsoft Word Document Personal Data Receipt - Digital Catapult Centre.docx Sep 17, 2016 by John Wunderlich
Microsoft Word Document Kantara Consent Receipt JW Example.docx Sep 09, 2016 by John Wunderlich
Microsoft Word Document ConsentReceiptSample.docx Sep 05, 2016 by John Wunderlich
ZIP Archive Set of screenshots from Oliver Maerz Sep 24, 2016 by Oliver Maerz

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  1. Version 0.8 Sample Consent Receipts

    Page 1 of the document is a 'plain' version directly from the spec.

    Page 2 is an example of what a DPO from a corporate entity might want to do for usability and corporate branding

    Page 3 are my comments sparked by creating this sample.