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UMA1 Interop Results

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When we begin cross-matrix interop testing vs. simply testing UMA authorization servers against Roland Hedberg's test suite, we will record the results in the fashion shown below.


Record feature-test-specific results in this matrix. An example result for a FOO:AS-to-BAR:RS interaction attempt regarding the F-as-config test might read: FT-rs-get-config-data failed. Config data from FOO:AS was malformed.

Solution:role 1


Solution:role 2Test ID(s)Result

Record rollup results in this matrix. An example cell for a FOO:BAR comparison might read: Detected failures when FOO is AS and BAR is RS or C. When FOO is RS and BAR is AS, succeeds.

Solution 2
↓Solution 1

SM -   
PU  -  
...   - 
...    -
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