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  • UMA telecon 2021-10-07
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UMA telecon 2021-10-07

Date and Time



Roll call

  • Quorum: No

Approve minutes


Apologies for the confusion around the meeting link, will have it sorted out for next meeting (sad) 

IIW is next week

Alec will be going

Document Development

GDocs/etc. is problematic

  • Maybe Kantara's github?
  • Use markdown?
  • Confluence?

Protected Dynamic Client Registration

Delegation and Guardianship

Goal, collect a few delegation/guardianship/association use cases and show how to implement in UMA. glossary or report to analyze these cases in UMA terms? Update to UMA Legal deck → report?

Alec to provide some information about a children diabetes guardianship use-case

Adolescent Patient / Health Provider tension with Parent outside of the relationship, specific challenge areas are reproductive health, mental health and substance abuse. 


Topic Candidates (from previous week's telcon)

  • Delegation and Guardianship
  • Outcome of user stories discussion

  • PDP architecture includes the concept of governance registry/discovery

  • TOIP/SSI are starting to define this ecosystem function

  • ANCR records update

  • Privacy as Expected/ANCR update : 2/3 weeks out (Sal?)


As of October 26, 2020, quorum is 5 of 9. (Michael, Domenico, Peter, Sal, Thomas, Andi, Alec, Eve, Steve)


  1. Steve
  2. Alec
  3. Thomas

Non-voting participants:

  1. Scott


  1. Andi
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