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  • UMA telecon 2021-08-12
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UMA telecon 2021-08-12

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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021

Sept 13. Will anyone be attending in person? 

UMA will have a 15 min presentation slot during a wider Kantara workshop, let me know if you want to participate!

Alec will present virtually and repurpose some existing "what is UMA" material and supplement with some what we're doing now. I'll try to share the presenation to the list ahead of time

Relationship Manager - user stories

A good resource to investigate re URLs and how they're abstracted from users is Google's Zanzibar:

How to address the usability of fine-grained access control? There's a lot of performance questions (eg the need to registry 1000s of URLs) which are separate from the usability. One example are images/diagnostic images, want ability to share just one, or a related collection all together

  1. As a Client, I want to be able to declare types I understand, in order to successfully use complex APIs 
  2. As an RS, I want to defer permission ticket creation, in order to a) not have to understand the Client b) not make authZ decisions (tell me don’t make me think)
  3. As an ASO, I want to pre-register Clients, in order to assess their appropriateness, capability and complete non-technical activities
  4. As a Client, I want to pre-register with ASs, in order to a) test my UX and technical integrations b) declare my capabilities

Any Other Business

  • still would like to work towards a minimal interop profiles or efforts this year


As of October 26, 2020, quorum is 5 of 9. (Michael, Domenico, Peter, Sal, Thomas, Andi, Alec, Eve, Steve)


  1. Steve
  2. Alec
  3. Domenico

Non-voting participants:


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