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  • UMA telecon 2020-10-01
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UMA telecon 2020-10-01

Date and Time


  • Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2020-09-17, 2020-09-24
  • Issue #364
    • Work on separate Relationship Manager spec?
    • Clarify and prioritize work
  • Issue cleanup status
  • UMA and UDAP followup
  • AOB


Roll call

Quorum was reached.

Approve minutes

MOTION: Thomas moves, Sal seconds: APPROVED.

Recommended virtual events

IIW is coming in three weeks! Adrian, George maybe, Eve maybe, Alec maybe, Sal maybe. George recommends the experience, Adrian as well. There's no "rush to get the good rooms". It's just hard to clear your calendar – maybe block your calendar now? George is doing 101, unless someone else wants to. Eve has a new preso for the SDS WG today that she could offer at IIW too. (SDS is focusing a lot on "ZCAP".)

Issue #364

  • Work on separate Relationship Manager spec?
  • Clarify and prioritize work

Trusted claims was described in Eve's diagram as being about "claims collection" because this is a well-defined enveloping term in UMA2 Grant, and it's definitely about claims about the RqP, and it covers both claims pushing and claims gathering, and it could involve OIDC or other federation or authentication methods.

Once again, we believe the notion of the RS presenting AS options to the RO and potentially "timing-out" and offering a default one, is an implementation consideration and would likely be at best a deployment profile in a particular community of interest. We believe it's too confusing to use the word "cascading" to this use case, and we are not solving for this use case here. It does bespeak Alice's ability to choose one from among multiple AS's, however, in that environment.

Alec has essayed a relationship manager spec in his new PR (now referred to as resource management; our original verb here was "manage"). He believes this can be completely separable from policy management. 

Eve is still wondering a bit if it's "policy management" or "resource access control"; our original verb here was "control". If there are multiple AS's in the picture that a policy manager client is actually managing, how interoperable do the relative policy languages have to be? Maybe a lot. She's not sure.

Issue cleanup status

Deferred. Hoping we can get some help on the "ROctrl" and "RSctrl" labeled issue cleanup.

UMA and UDAP followup

Deferred, but Eve will send a revised Venn to the whole list for comment.


As of September 3, 2020 (pre-meeting), quorum is 5 of 9. (Michael, Domenico, Peter, Sal, Gaurav, Thomas, Andi, Maciej, Eve)

  1. Michael
  2. Domenico
  3. Sal
  4. Thomas
  5. Eve

Non-voting participants:

  1. Alec
  2. Patrick
  3. George
  4. Anik
  5. Adrian
  6. Nancy
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